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Let the Academy of Hair Technology be your go to for your cosmetology school, hair design school, nail tech school, esthetician school, hair school needs. We have a qualified and experienced staff that will prepare you for working in the beauty and cosmetology fields!

It takes more than a lucky roll to hit big time. It takes time, training and a game plan to get the edge needed in today's fast paced world. PIVOT POINT™ technology was developed to allow demonstrations to be slowed, replayed or frozen and has been installed in each of our classrooms. 

This system was designed by Leo Passage, the only hair designer ever to earn the GOLD medal in women’s styling at the international level from two different countries. Starting in 1962, he developed a system of training based on Bau Haus concepts. The unique sensory approach incorporates artistic and scientific concepts in its methodology of teaching. Students learn by seeing, hearing and doing. Everything is presented in easy to understand units.

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Today, PIVOT POINT™ is recognized worldwide as the premier method of training and is utilized by over 2,000 member schools in more than 40 countries. Thus, students learning this system not only are taught using the best methods with the latest educational training aids, but also their training has international recognition which facilitates mobility. This international connection also serves to keep PIVOT POINT™ on top of the latest hairstyles and techniques that are sweeping the fashion scene. The ACADEMY of HAIR TECHNOLOGY is the only PIVOT POINT™ licensed school in the Upstate area.

"PIVOT POINT™ is a service mark and trademark owned by Pivot Point International, Inc."
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