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If you live in the area of Greenville, SC, Spartanburg, SC & Anderson, SC and are interested in attending a school for hair design, you'll be pleased to know that the Academy of Hair Technology in Greenville, SC is one of the best hair schools in the world. You'll learn real-world skills from industry professionals in a hands-on, 50 week, 3 phase course that will give you the best hair and beauty education that money can buy.

Each phase of the hair school curriculum will introduce you to the world of professional cosmetology in a step-by-step process.

Freshman Phase

This 12 week phase is broken up into two parts. In the first six weeks, you will learn and master the basics of men's and women's hair cutting. In the following six weeks, you will learn and master slightly more advanced hair styling concepts, such as thermal styling, color theory, shampooing, perms, and roller control.

Sophomore Phase

This 12 week phase will deepen your knowledge of both the creative and business aspects of the cosmetology industry. You will learn salon management concepts, nail and facial theory, soft curling, thermal straightening, wiggery, hair extensions, and ethnic hair styling techniques.

Junior Phase

The final 12 week phase of your hair school school education focuses on advanced classes in chemistry theory, texturing theory, and color techniques.

Each phase will teach you hair industry-specific vocabulary and theory based on proven hair design techniques. Tests and notebook checks will be administered. You will also have plenty of opportunities to apply your knowledge into the real world by doing hands-on work with manikins and actual clients.

The Academy of Hair Technology uses Pivot Point™ instruction methods. For more information, please see our catalog.


People who transfer into our college who previously attended other schools are amazed how much more they learn here in six weeks than they learned at their previous school—and the learning goes on the entire time you are enrolled.

The academy is one of over 2000 schools worldwide that teach the Pivot Point Curriculum. Students completing this training have the advantage of graduating from the most widely recognized training program in the world. If for some reason a graduate has to move out of this area, being a graduate of a Pivot Point school gives them a definite advantage.

Our students’ outstanding performances in state, regional and national contests over the years have helped give our school a reputation throughout the state and further. Most salon owners that hire our graduates tell us that our students have the skill level of someone who has three years experience or more. 

Our comprehensive, structured program taught by highly trained and dedicated teachers, along with a staff who really care about the future success of our students, has also contributed to our reputation as the up-state’s premiere cosmetology school.
Cosmetology School Greenville, SC

Pivot Point is a registered trademark of Pivot Point International.

In addition to the most thorough training offered by any college in this area, the Academy offers its student the complete Michael Cole “A Little Off the Top” training program to help its students learn how to build a client base. This program, often referred to as “Boot Camp” has been offered by Michael Cole to professionals who pay up to $1,500 to attend for a number of years. People attending report increasing their revenues by more than 30% within six months.

The advanced training is offered by professional and well-trained educators geared at preparing its graduates for the real world of work, the continuing emphasis on people skills and promoting and growing their business once they graduate. The encouragement to continue their training throughout their lives probably more than anything else helps explains why 9 out of every 10 graduates from the Academy are working in the field of cosmetology three years after they graduate. Sadly, the national average is only 1 out of 10. That’s right; our graduates have a success rate that is the mirror opposite of those from most other schools.”
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