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  • 07 Jan, 2016

6 tips in selecting the right beauty school


Feeling unfulfilled with your office job? Don’t fret because office job isn’t meant for everyone. There are many students out there who have a knack for beauty and make-up and ends up leaving offices and going to a nearby beauty school just to pursue their passion. There are endless exciting career options in the beauty industry, starting from fashion stylist to sales representative for a major beauty line. So why wait? Academy of Hair is an accredited school located in Greenville, SC.  We offer Cosmetology, nail and Skin specialist classes. If interested, click here .


All beauty schools seem to be the same at first. But, in reality, the cosmetology kits the programs, the curriculum as well as fellow classmates will vary greatly between each school. Here are 6 tips in choosing the right beauty school as given below:

1.      Find time and discuss with friends, relatives and family members who work in the beauty industry and get their recommendations. If there is no one working in the beauty industry, why not ask any well-known hair stylist?

2.      Conduct a research on these schools through online. Check out the school’s website for more information on their beauty programs. It is also a good idea to check the school’s social media sites, for more pictures of the school and the students.

3.      After having gone through the school’s website and social media sites, go ahead if liked and take the next step, which is, contacting the school to schedule a school tour.

4.      Ask questions to the school staff members which will impact your final decision, like- “Does the school provide any career options once graduating?” or “Do the programs cover everything that you desire to learn?”

5.      Now, it is time to have a talk with a financial aid specialist who will be able to educate the students on their best options for paying for school fees and can even help in completing the paperwork.

6.      A final decision has to be taken now. Select the school that feels right.

In fact, a career as a licensed beautician would allow you to be more creative and social.

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